Trust Cosmic Immigration Consultancy offers one-on-one 45 mins consultations by video conference or phone to address your immigration questions. We offer free in-person consultation for inside Canada applicants. For people outside Canada who would like to seek our video or phone consultation, we provide one-on-one 45 mins consultation at $100 CAD. In order to book a consultation, we ask that you please complete the following form and select the available time slot. After submitting the form, we will contact you to confirm your appointment.

By signing above, I understand that the consultation fees paid are non-refundable for missed or cancelled appointments. I understand that all quotes given for services at the time of a consultation remain valid for 90 days as long as no circumstances discussed during the consultation change.

All information discussed or disclosed in the context of a consultation at Trust Cosmic Immigration Consultancy is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL, and is bound by representative-client privilege. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws in effect in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

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